Monday, October 1, 2007

Information on the web should be free shouldn't it?

What the web is for!

Hi there, I am into information, so when I was first introduced to the idea of the internet all those years ago, I was thinking, damn what a great idea!
Although more and more these days I search for something I really want to know only to be bombarded with false sites offering me nothing more than my search query spat back at me and then a whole bunch of sales and endorsements.
So finally, with the help of my friend and fellow sports and fitness enthusiast we decided to get pro active and quit our whining. We are both huge fans of personal fitness, but from quite different sides of the arena, the only thing we share is a love of water sports i.e. surfing and diving.

My friend is a Bodybuilder with over 15 years in the sport, runs his own supplement company and has a wealth of knowledge in the supplement, dieting and muscle development fields, his knowledge comes from years of experimentation on the latest supplements, diets and training techniques, like me he never just settles for what he knows, he is always out looking for the next thing, the perpetual thirst for knowledge.
Me on the other hand have always been more endurance and adventure based in my training pursuits, with a long history of nearly 14 years of surfing, white water kayaking, mountain biking (downhill). Never really looked to bulk up much, just enough to look good and have the strength I need to enjoy the sports I love. Training is not even slightly enjoyable, I am only into doing, for my friend the training is great fun, hard work but good fun.

We were sitting there one day talking about this internet problem after the gym when it hit us, there are so many different people training for so many different reasons, why not make a web site with a broad range of good information that people can access without being bombarded with ales pitches , after all that’s what we want when we search the web, so we did it, our site is called INFORM 4 FREE and the name is pretty self explanatory, information about getting inform and its all free. No endorsements, No sales, just great content and tips on Training, Supplements, yoga, beauty, muscle development, diet and general health.
INFORM 4 FREE was first launched on September 29th 2007, starting at a mere 40 pages, but we are scouring all useful information that is related to the above categories to update it daily, it is more than our work it is our passion.
We plan on adding a mail service to INFORM 4 FREE in October of 2007 where people can write articles or tips or advice on either Training, Supplements, yoga, beauty, muscle development, diet and general health. And if we like what we read we will publish it on our site and share it with the world.
Our goal at INFORM 4 FREE is simple, we wish to create the largest internet database on all aspects of sports, fitness and health so that anyone who wants to get in form can get informed and achieve their personal Training, Supplements, yoga, beauty, muscle development, diet and general health goals sooner and more effectively

Thank you for taking the time to read this article