Monday, October 1, 2007

Set your goals to a healthier life!

Set your goals

This is the first and most important phase in any kind of training. I cannot
stress this enough.
I like to do this in a two phase setup:

Phase one: long term goal.

Firstly set a long term goal, if you are thinking of looking better, loosing
weight, toning up, dropping that winter fat, then set a mental image of how
you want your body to look.
If your training goals are fitness or sports related, think of the ultimate level
in your chosen pursuit you would like to achieve. Visualize yourself at that
level, it is very important to make your visualisation based on you, not an
image from media, for example I don't look anything like Brad Pitt, so
when I visualise I see my own face, my own height, possessions etc, but
just imagine how I want my physique to look relative to how it is now,
larger bicepts, greater flexibility when stretching, etc.

Once you have a solid image set in your mind, put it aside and move onto
phase two.

Phase two: short term goals

OK now be real here, I would love to go out in the surf and bust an air
like Kelly slater tomorrow, or look at my stomach and have to use both
hands to count the muscles, but that is a long term goal.
Instead in this phase which is constantly changing as I obtain each short
term goal I set goals that are relatively easy to obtain, I say relatively as
this depends on your individual character, some people thrive on intensity,
while other would rather just have it all be simple, both are possible, if you
are more on the lazy side of the scale, you will probably find that achieving
goals is just too much effort, truth is you couldn't be more wrong, it's all in
the mental approach. Set yourself short term goals that are much easier to
obtain, for example this week I will loose 2lb, granted reaching your long
term goal will take longer, but it will not seem like such a mountain if you
are focused on each small step, rather than the whole journey.

Ask any successful person and they will tell you mindset and focus based
on your own abilities is the key to success!

Remember you are training your body, be patient with it and the results
will last longer. There is no over night miracle diet, no instant muscle
powder. With the right exercise techniques and the right mental attitude
you can and will obtain your personal fitness goals.
supplements will certainly help you along the way, but they will not do it
for you.

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