Monday, October 8, 2007

My banged up toe is finally 100% again

Hey all, so while in Thailand I disslocated and triple fractured my big toe.
Now I was on an island with bugger all in the way of ice and doctors and all them new fangled things, o just kept it elevated, you know the usual broken big toe stuff, went out rave dancing on it, walked across cliffs in the middle of the night extremely drunk on it, caught 2 planes, a scooter taxi
while carring a back pack on it, and now after only 2 and a half months of surfing and skateboarding on it, it ha finally gotten back to full extention as of this morning!!!!

Now I am sure seeing my bruised up swollen foot was not all that plesant for you, so I have thrown in a few nice pic I took while on that sweet island.
Island called: Koh PhiPhi Dom.