Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quality Link partners

HEllo people and especially web masters.
Just a quick shout out, if you are operating a website in the health fitness, weightloss body building, yoga, supplement or general training and sports fields, then contact us here.
Our main site INFORM 4 FREE
is currently seeking link partners from the same area as ourself to help promote our site and get all that quality health and fitness information out there on the world wide web, or as I like to call it that huge cyber-haystack!
So if you get a minute or ten drop by have a look at what we've done and either leave a message here, or link to us and send your sites detils, if your site links to us we will be more than happy to add your url to ours, granted you are in the same genre!
Lets work together and get quality sites with real content up the top of those search results and drown out those self promoting sales sites that are dominating our web space!

Thank you


PS What do you think of our new little banner? feel free to use it to link to us